lucid freedom

humans develop

many methods

to deal with

the heavy task

of living


among the many

is a device called

the lucidcatcher

by luciding

this video

features interviews

with the minds and makers

behind a tool that allows us

to live out our wildest fantasies

while safe within our wildest dreams

a gentle nudge

to the prefrontal cortex

enables us to

“wake up

in a dream”

and proceed

to do all the things

we wish we could do

when we’re awake

like flying

and moonwalking

and dragon taming

i’ve been lucid dreaming

for as long as

i can remember remembering

by accident

at first

but now

by choice

and for those rare days

when being awake

is too heavy

and we just





to escape

may be as

close as a nap away

where we can

become so light

that we actually fly…

pleasant dreams :)



this ending is a bit cheesy

but it’s almost impossible for me

to write about dreams

completely sans cheese :)