not lost.

off switch

so you know

that kill switch

that has been featured

in so many headlines

this past week

that some high profile

folks have advised us

to build

before we build

ourselves into

the matrix or

a post-terminator

read: a post-human

robot overrun world


a team at berkeley

has drafted a proposal

of a more benignly titled

off switch

replete with actual equations

and elegant graphs

that real mathematicians

can understand

i just read the words :)

it addresses

the same issue

as the kill switch

but perhaps

the off switch

goes further to establish

peaceful diplomatic relations

with our future ai friends

because imagine

if you were a machine

which would you rather

see precoded into your

burgeoning sentient mind


musings inspired by "The Off-Switch" by Dylan Hadfield-Menell, Anca Dragan, Pieter Abbeel, Stuart Russell via Berkeley Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences 

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