not lost.



like every other day

following a familiar


that word feels empty now

it has been called upon

too many times

similar to

the one in orlando

there are now

endless feeds and outlets

where we can

read all about

the most horrific aspects

of the “heartbreaking”

another overused term

and grossly inadequate


i don't have the adequate words

and i don’t think anyone does

to describe

the fear

that the victims

must have died with

or the grief

that the families

must now live with

and it’s not my place

to assign words

to unspeakable pain

all i can do

is send silent

hopes for healing

and wordless wishes

for eventual peace

and have some weak faith

that these helpless actions

make a difference





on just one

of the countless actions

that have made all the difference

in the lives of those who remain

hanging in the balance


there can never be enough words

spent on celebrating the beauty

in the humanity expressed

by members of the local community

who waited

for hours in line

to donate blood

to give life

to names they may never know

and to faces they may never see

this one

human act

this is the image

i am deciding to keep

this is the screenshot

i am saving for the record

the sight

of humanity

at its best


each other

sharing the gift of life

with no expectation of any return

only because

this one act

is the right thing

the good thing

the human thing

to do

musings inspired by Humanity

and love

lucid freedom