not lost.


i will never be done

i already miss


and the most mundane moments

are my favorites

like this one

when we get to

stare out this window

and watch sunlight play

in that tree

and watch the wind dance

in its leaves

this moment

reminds me

of the first time

my most beloved nephew :)

learned about the concept

of shadows

he stood on this very couch

and looked up

at that very tree’s swaying branches

outside this very window

completely mesmerized

by the tree’s

humble bows

i watched his eyes

watching the world

and wondering what

made this part light

and this part dark

and we were both

totally enchanted

and i am

so grateful

to him

for allowing me

to remember

the magic

in light

and trees

and breezes

and how

it is all full of

so much wonder

life is


and the wonder

is all there

we just need a reminder


and sometimes

i just know that

there will never be enough time

to be filled up with enough wonder

or enough magic

or enough reminders

and i miss everything already

because there will be a day

for an honest good bye

and i miss it already

there will never be enough time

i will never be done

i will never see enough


never dance enough


sing enough


none of it will ever get old

though i may

i will never get over

the ocean

i will never think

that i’ve thought enough

dreamt enough

written enough

and never ever ever

will i have

loved enough


will never

be enough

but it has to be

because life is all we get

so we have to make it enough

but how

how do you

satiate an insatiable

need to live life

how do you live

life enough

because there is no fullest

i reject the advice to

“live life to the fullest”

that’s impossible

we can never get full

so those words

are not good


to solve the problem

of not having



so we must find

some other words

to give

some other advice

to take

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musings inspired by That Tree Outside This Window

lego le mans