not lost.

examined inspiration

we overuse

the word


along with its derivatives


inspires us

which is nice

and everything

synonymous with

basic “good” words


what about

those rare somethings

that move us

change us


we should reserve

the word


for those rare somethings

and for the creators

of those rare somethings

we should reserve

the honorable title of


so i came across

this short film


the snow art

by the artist

simon beck

and within

the opening minute

i was reminded of

some sage advice

from socrates

that life is best lived

when well examined

because the film captures

just how well

the artist beck

examines the world

and his place in it

taking inspiration

from nature’s intricate patterns

and alchemizing that inspiration

into art

when he reaches

his blank canvas

of untouched snow

on a high mountain top in stryn

he starts

pacing around with fancy footwork

chanting off the number of steps

panting labored breaths

and looking like a “local lunatic”

all in service

of his creation

of his art

though the ephemeral nature

of snow

stays in the forefront of his mind

as he acknowledges

with peace

that nature will reclaim his art

only days later

this peace

when today

artists in other mediums

fuss over lightfast ratings

and remove pigments from their palettes

that may fade after only fifty years

beck’s audience of birds

witnesses his creative process

the very human act

of making art

and perhaps to the birds

the ten hours or so

that beck spends on his designs

feels more like fifty years or so

(see: swift-life)

which brings to mind

the relationship

between perpetuality and art

is something

more valuable

because it will last

or is something

more precious

because it won’t

because then

we must be present

with it

or else

we will miss it

when it fades forever


once beck

finishes his stomping

in the thick snow

he hikes up to higher ground

and says between heavy breaths

“i hope it’s going to be a good one…

because you never really know…

until you see it”

the film’s score

quickens its tempo

adding to our anticipation


the camera drifts over

beck’s shoulder

to reveal

the snow


early in the short film

beck takes a moment

to examine

the word


his definition:

“something that

leads to motivation”


those of us

who watch this

can be inspired

to create


and should be motivated

to become


happy wallowing

to trust