not lost.


on a day

when so much of the world

is having a very serious conversation

about a very serious thing

and many of us may be

looking for something

to lighten the mood

if any of us

do find something

delightful and frivolous

we have a responsibility

to share it

so with that

i bring you this

most excellent



named trotify

invented by

original content london

“a creative studio

that likes its

oddball projects”

trotify is so exquisitely useless :)

and serves no practical function

but it is fun

it produces smiles

and it reminds us that

we can

and should

use our creativity

and ingenuity

for things

other than

the serious stuff

and that the spirit

of fun and frivolity

is a fantastic unifier

i vote

for more

from this studio

musings inspired by "Need For Steed? This Bike Gadget Gallops Like King Arthur" by Gabriel Rosenberg via NPR

unstable personalities

inhales co2