not lost.


many of us would do anything

or pay anything

to avoid all signs of aging skin

and i'm not exactly sure why

i'm sure many of us have seen

the gorgeous faces

of wrinkled old women and men

the stunning visages

of our beloved grammies and grampies

who have laughed their way through decades

with glorious scars around their smiles

proving that their time here

was spent well

was spent in joy

i get the appeal of youth


but i don't get why the appeal of age

isn't celebrated in most of our societies

there is value in aging

there ought to be pride in aging

as healthily as possible

of course

but i'm genuinely lost

when i encounter the ceaseless ads

claiming that a line or two on an otherwise

perfectly operating face

renders that human less beautiful

than one who is less experienced in life

aging skin

is a sign that

a life has been lived

there is remarkable beauty in that

musings inspired by "The most expensive beauty products designed by science" by Jemima Sissons via BBC


lotte reiniger