not lost.

sans inspiration

i had no idea

what i wanted

to share this morning

and i felt calm

though in the past

i felt frantic and lost

when a day would begin

sans inspiration

the peace came today

from the acknowledgement

that i showed up to the day

i showed up to the laptop

showed up


with my best intentions

and in the past

that would not have been

good enough

but now

i believe

none of us

can ask more

from ourselves

than our best selves

carrying our best hopes

and most honest wishes

to create something

that connects us

to ourselves

and to others

though at times

the muse

may appear to have left

and it may seem as if

we are left

with only


and a blank canvas

or a void code editor

or a barren music sheet

or an empty chapter

or whatever

our creative landscape

of choice may be

these open spaces

and blinking cursors

are the stuff of nightmares

so we come up with

methods to cope with

our madness

and science-backed-schemes

to escape ourselves

and escape to

that mythical state of flow

where we can forget

that we are

only ourselves

and we can

fall under our own illusions

that we are more than ourselves

that we are teamed up with

these supernatural muses

that pour all of the right colors

or code

or notes

or words

into all of the right places


some days

like today for me

and maybe tomorrow for you

we can meet who we are

when we show up

to create

our art

and to live

our lives

without the illusions

sans inspiration

just as we are

and see

that we are

good enough

and more than that

that being said

muses are great

and i would love

for mine to return

tomorrow :)

musings inspired by My Muse's Vacation

uninvited unveiling