not lost.


scott thrift

designed a clock

that spends an entire day

making a single revolution

the design's intention

is to shift our attention

towards "the little things in life"

and away from our busy schedules

with deadlines

that are usually bound to clocks

the idea is lovely

and it makes me think

about how people

used to relate to time

before the invention of clocks

my father grew up

without clocks

without calendars

without abbreviations like "am"

without words for "wednesday"

he often reminisces

about the slow passage of time

in his early years

only slow by comparison

to his life post-clocks ("pc")

and i wonder

about the idea

that time passes slowly

when you watch time pass

on your watch

that may be true

but it seems that

life passes slowly

when you take your eyes

off the clocks

and i don't think

any of us

want to be in a rush

to meet




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