not lost.

children understand

i'm surprised

when adults

are surprised

by children's brilliance

there seems to be

an expectation

that more life experience

always begets

more life understanding


nope :)

one of my life's

greatest teachers

is a brilliant being

who has yet to articulate

his first full sentence

my most beloved nephew :)

who henceforth

will always be known as

"my most beloved nephew :)"

he has taught me

more about presence

and gratitude



and joy

than some of history's

wisest sages

i now

assume that

children understand

far more

than more

experienced humans

give them credit for

and now

a brilliant philosopher

tom wartenberg

is guiding young minds

to answer

some of life's most perplexing questions

through some of life's most awesome books

you know the kind

the ones with pictures in them

and the ones with words that rhyme

the best kind :)

don't be surprised

if you learn something

after listening to

a child's interpretation

of horton hears a who

lego lemonade