not lost.

continuous climb

cedric villani

has to be one

of the coolest mathematicians

ever to grace a ted stage

with his snappy cravats

or are they ascots

his pocket watch collection

and those ever-present spider brooches

i mean...

it's not just anyone

who could pull off style like that

and after watching his talk

i was reminded of

a great lesson

mathematics teaches us

that all of our discoveries today

are extensions of

the best work

of our bravest

most imaginative

and probably most stylish


and of course this is true

across all realms of knowledge

but there is something

especially lovely

in the way

mathematical theorems

spring to life by

borrowing from the roots

of older theorems

to create new branches

like a living fractal

that evokes another image

of this continuous climb

towards some unseen peak

of understanding

an ever-moving apex

of knowing

and to be one of the names


on one of the signposts

along the climb

has to be one

of the coolest honors

anyone can receive

in a lifetime


ad infinitum