not lost.


i follow

a long list of

inspiring yogis

on instagram

even though

i don’t spend

all that much time

on a yoga mat

but i love taking

inspiration from

the human body

expressed in such

liberated shapes and forms

i approach yoga

as a mode of self expression

like physical poetry

but under many of instagram’s posts

of particularly impressive poses

i often read a comment like

“i wish i could do that”

or worse

“i could never do that”

which makes me sad

because self expression

shouldn't cause envy

or worse


it should inspire insight

in the best scenarios

so that admirers may

wonder about their own

journeys to express themselves

i’d rather we stop wishing to emulate

and begin to share all that is singular

and distinctly lovely about our own natures

musings inspired by Instagram

she sang

continuous climb