not lost.

worth reading

what is worth reading

a critic’s selection

a pulitzer prize winning choice

an amazon five-star rated debut

a recommendation from a friend

a rough draft from a frightened friend

what is worth reading

a kid’s first attempt at storytelling

a classic required to pass a class

an ebook passed around the office

an experimental thing from your favorite author

or anything by your favorite author

what is worth reading

i guess i’m bothered by the question

because it’s really a questioning

of the worth of the writing

and i value anything

that any writer

chooses to share with us

i value those words

as a priceless bridge

into that person’s world

and for any of those

who are brave enough

to express themselves

using nothing

but a bunch of


and symbols

to paint who they are

i’m not exactly sure

the appropriate reaction

to that courageous act

should be to judge

or to rank

or review

or star


what is worth reading


what is worth writing

all of it

be needed