not lost.

lego on juno

my obsession

with all things lego

began in earnest

when i first watched

a lego brickumentary

last year

and the moment

that launched me

into a full tizzy

was the reveal

of a lego mini crew

comprised of three minifigs

perched on nasa’s juno spacecraft

the minifigs

of roman god jupiter

roman goddess juno

and science god galileio galilei

were made out of space-grade aluminum

and were designed as part of the

bricks in space collaboration

between lego and nasa

the program’s mission

is to pique children’s interest

in all things stem

and now that juno has been

hanging around jupiter

for a couple of weeks

doing science stuff

snapping photos

and being

an awesome success

i hope that more of us

children and grown-up-children

celebrate the joy of space exploration

and continue to support

all efforts to develop

a deeper understanding

of our cosmos


let’s see how far into the universe we can launch lego :)

musings inspired by NASA's Juno


something tragic