not lost.

28011 hypnagogia


is real now

the fact of which

has rendered me

a bit astounded

i wish i could

tell you more

about how i feel

about this series

but i find myself

behaving a bit like

a first time parent

staring at her newborn

in silent awe

only half believing

that this lovely creation

is really really really here

but fully paranoid

over all of the potential harm

that could befall

something so beloved

i wrote this

bizarre and beautiful thing

i am so happy :)

to share it with you

but please


be careful

with this

treat it well

hold it close

adore it

wish it well

be your best with it

i promise to do the same

with anything that you love


deep breath


meet my adorable creation

musings inspired by "story and muse: 28011 hypnagogia" by sarah masare via Amazon

the try

elie wiesel