our sky

“its computer-generated universe

holds some

18 quintillion

star systems”

wait what


18 quintillion



that’s like

a lot of illions

when i read that

single stat

about no man’s sky

i became yet another node

in the swarm of fans

inciting mass hype

over this vast universe

a universe

most of which

most of us


we will never see


18 quintillion

star systems

brought to us

through the magic

of procedural generation

but the beauty of

no man’s sky lives

in the exploration

in the art of the journey

without a final level to reach

or an ultimate enemy to subdue


“there is the central task

of flying to the center

of the universe

or galaxy

or whatever it is

and there are hints

about something

a great person

or a great power

being there”


the gamer’s goal

in no man’s sky

remains a well-played game

not necessarily a well-finished game

which resonates with me


the ongoing

chronicle of


and the emphasis

on the how one plays

instead of the when one ends

echoes a common

and comforting

life philosophy

and if

we need another metaphor

for our sometimes pointless

but always precious existences

to further enhance our user experience

as we battle the occasional alien

and discover evermore planets

we can find it in the way

no man’s sky

mirrors and conjoins

the parallel and juxtaposed journeys

of the individual self

and of the collective whole of us

through an isolating yet connected


universe that only hints at a purpose

a universe

that we choose to explore

even though

we know

that we won’t ever know

all there is to know





and for a mere


this is all very big

no man’s sky

is. big.

perhaps even bigger

than its 18 quintillion star systems