not lost.

civil inattention

civil inattention

is that polite space

of cultivated aloofness

that many of us maintain

around people that we don’t know well

but that aura of unavailability

has contributed to the rise

of a collective disconnection

a subtle and insidious pain

that many of us

are attempting to heal

so what do we do

if we want to walk through

each other’s walls

and say hi

to that one guy

with the great whatever

or say hey

to that one lady

with the awesome such and such

or say hello

to that one human

with a story

what do we do

if we want to connect

without coming across

like that one weirdo

or that one creep

that one time

what if we

want to


from one

human being

to another

and to each other


we turn to experts of course

because now we need experts

to tell us how to say hi or hey or hello


but that’s cool

we do need help

so that’s cool

that we have help

so let’s watch this

and then let's say something

to each other sometimes

because we are good

for each other

everybody just wants to connect
you’re kinda here to feel connected
— a human


about people