not lost.


“tale as old as time…”

every time i hear that line

i’m transported back to a time

when time felt slow and magical

when time flowed and danced to a song

with a laughing rhythm and an unmeasurable time

but then yesterday i heard that line as if it were for the first time

when angela lansbury whose voice has become even more enchanting with time

performed that one magical song as mrs pots in real time

before an audience celebrating the twenty-five year stretch of time

that has passed since we all first sang along in time with “song as old as rhyme”

and “tale as old as time…”

so watch and listen to this beauty for old time’s sake

and you may want to take some time to grab some tissues :)


how have twenty-five years gone by since beauty and the beast debuted?!



radiant shattering

civil inattention