not lost.

monopoly's boot

it’s not that

i ever


the boot

or the thimble

or the wheelbarrow



now that

they’re leaving

the monopoly board

they feel necessary

and already missed


the game

of monopoly

begins with

the hallowed ritual

of piece selection


and of course

everyone wants the race car

and the top hat

and the doggie


but after those

have been swiped

by older siblings

and wiser players


the boot

the thimble

and the wheelbarrow


play their roles

in critical pre-game

strategic negotiations


when not-totally-legal


are dealt

with promises

to forego the purchasing

of nondescript railroads

or uninspiring utilities


in exchange

for one

or another

of the less popular pieces


and i know

that i’m not

the only one

who engaged in


bargaining like this


but now

that all of the pieces

are cool pieces—


no one will complain

about being a t-rex

or a rubber ducky

or a penguin—


a treasured


of monopoly play

has been given the boot




not everything needs an upgrade people

[melodramatic outburst]: is nothing sacred




from now on

i’m the rubber ducky

that thing is adorable :)


made luck