not lost.

mastered meaning

we all want meaning

in our lives


we all want our lives

to mean something


we take the road

to find ourselves

mostly for this purpose


to find our meaning

to find out why we matter

or how we could matter

to others

or at least

to one other


the bravest of us

throw away the maps

that have been handed down

to us

by others


and set about the lifelong task

of discovering for ourselves

the logic

the rules

and the laws

that govern

our own wandering stars


we define meaning

for ourselves

and we express

our manifestoes

about what matters

to us

through our “work”

the stuff we make


and share

if we are super brave


this is no trivial task


sometimes our paths

seem congested with

infinite possibilites

everything means something

at other times our paths

seem empty with

zero options

and nothing means anything


meaning is hard

meaning is hard to find

meaning is hard to define


so every once in a while

when we come across someone

who has mastered meaning


we sit up

we lean close

we listen rapt


or in this case

we watch

with deep respect


and we find inspiration

to revisit our self-charted maps


to make sure

that our lives

and the people

that we have chosen to become


mean something

and matter

to at least



to us


scoring harmony