not lost.

active allowance

i love


of not trying

of surrender

of perfect flow


i used to think

that these

rare moments

are only given

and that we

have no way

of creating them

for ourselves


that they are bestowed

in unpredictable and infrequent

moments of epiphany and insight

and that we

are powerless

to call them

upon ourselves


but i’m finding

that these moments

of alignment and ease

can become less arcane

if we choose

to surrender


more often

than not


most people

think of


as a passive thing

that takes place post all active things

something that is done upon reaching the end

something that is done upon resignation

something that is



a retired actor

after retired actions


but less often

is surrender


as something

to do

per choice


but i’m finding

that for most of us

our most comfortable state

is one of faux power

and fake control


we are told

to take the reins

to guide things

make things

force things


so we strategize

we scheme

and plan

a lot


we feel comfy

with our gossamer reins

sitting atop our hobby horses


until the trying

becomes too trying

and unbearable to bear


then we fall apart

then we fall down

then we fall in

some line



more often

than not


we find

a flow

an ease

a rhythm


but we don’t

have to wait

for our downfall


while still standing tall

we can decide

in an active state


to rest

to allow

to surrender




and this

active allowance


this is where

we become


the instrument of the music

the words of the lyrics

the voice of the song

musings inspired by A Fortunate Downfall

of use

our decisions